Greater Europe Meetings

The annual youth forum «Greater Europe Meetings» brings together young people from the EU, post-soviet and Balkan countries to establish intercultural exchange, strengthen mutual understanding and trust between the nations.

The summer school-like event provides a space of dialogue, confidence and cooperation - students and young high-level professionals can meet and discuss with politicians, diplomats, businessmen and researchers from various cultural and professional backgrounds. 

The first forum "Strasbourg Meetings" was held in 2013 in Strasbourg in the partnership with the Council of Europe.

Since then the GE Meetings have annually brought together many talented people at memorable locations such as the European Court in Strasbourg, UNESCO Headquarters, École de Mines, Académie Diplomatique.

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EU & EAEU Diplomatic School

The EU & EAEU Diplomatic School, first organised in 2016, gives a change to young leaders to discuss and develop opportunities for cooperative work between the European Union and Eurasian Economic Union. 

The EU & EAEU Diplomatic School consists of 3 modules: ​

  • Lectures

  • Workshops

  • Negotiations

Each module​ includes intensive knowledge-sharing and development of communication and negotiation skills.

The main goal is to develop practical solutions for EU-EAEU. Such ideas are presented in the «Memorandum of Understanding» (MoU), which delegates officially sign.

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About EU-EAEU Diplomatic School

EU-EAEU Diplomatic School Programme 2018

MoU 2018

Institute for a Greater Europe

The Institute for a Greater Europe is a Think Tank with the mission to foster an academic community and bring it to influence in policy formation.

The Institute publishes commentaries, research reports and policy briefs on topics relating to development of Greater Europe.

We work with different partners such as the Institute Jean Lecanuet (Paris) and the Institute for Cultural Relations Policy (Budapest).