Greater Europe Meetings: Vienna 2019



With world affairs in disarray and rules of the game violated, there is a process of instability and of shifting balances of power witnessed in different regions across the European continent. The EU struggles with multiple intertwined crises, ranging from Brexit to the poor integration of migrants and strengthening populist movements. In the East of Europe, the development of the Eurasian Economic Union is significantly slowed by economic and political issues among its member states. Russia, the locomotive of the integration, is facing a difficult economic situation because of the Western sanctions. In addition, the Ukrainian conflict remains a major irritant for all the stakeholders, with no clear solution for it looming in the horizon yet.

Against this background, there is no wonder that in recent years the idea of a Greater Europe has been on the sidelines of research and foreign policy agenda. However, current conditions allow for any possibility of renewed political commitment for the Greater Europe in the near future as some experts contend. Thus, it is a worthwhile effort to assess the prospects of uniting the European continent through 2030 by analyzing the current political and economic trends in Russia, the EU and the rest of the world.

This year the forum “Greater Europe Meetings” is going to be held in cooperation with the OSCE in Vienna for the first time. This year the forum “Greater Europe Meetings” is going to be held in cooperation with the OSCE in Vienna for the first time. The OSCE is the largest security organization in the world that remains one of the few international forums where all the European countries come together and constructively discuss the most pressing security issues. OSCE’s comprehensive approach to security that encompasses political, military, economic, environmental, and human dimension has been an important instrument for overcoming differences and finding solutions suitable for all participating states. Therefore, the OSCE might become a founding stone for a future, more united and cooperative, Greater Europe.   

About the Forum


The 7th edition of the International Youth Forum “Greater Europe Meetings” is intended to engage European students and young professionals in a reflexive discussion about Greater Europe’s current and future challenges and perspectives. We believe direct meeting between tomorrow’s decision-makers to be the best long-term approach towards a united European continent in the future. During the 5-days Forum, the participants will take part in lectures, workshops and scenarios-building sessions, and will have a chance to exchange their insights and ideas with former and current diplomats, foreign policy experts and practitioners. The main objective of the Forum is to provide young leaders with knowledge and perceptions for them to be able to formulate their own vision of Greater Europe’s future, taking into account the trends and developments of the present day.


The preliminary programme can be found HERE




The International Youth Forum “Greater Europe Meetings 2019” is open to students and early-career professionals under 35 years old living in the EEA, the CIS, Eastern Partnership countries.


Priority will be given to participants with the background or strong and profound interest in international relations, European studies and similar fields.


The working language is English, so good communication skills are essential.


If you need visa to come to Austria, we will issue an invitation letter for the Embassy.




Participation fee is €200. This covers lectures, workshops and other Forum events, as well as meals and accommodation. The fee doesn’t cover travel, visa and insurance expenses.




Submit your application until the 22th September! All applicants will be notified about selections results by 29th September.


In order to apply, follow this LINK


If you have any questions, please, contact us at:

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